Summit Crest Advisors
Advisory  *  Banking  *  Consulting

Business Summary

Summit Crest (SC) Capital Partners is a middle-market investment banking firm that provides financial advisory, investment banking, and strategic consulting services. 

  • Financial Advisory -- We advise clients on capital positioning, mergers & acquisitions, and business alignment for long term financial performance.
  • Investment Banking  -- We assist private and public companies to access the capital markets through debt and equity. 
  • Strategic Consulting -- We consult with executives and directors in strategic planning and corporate advisory services.

Let us help you achieve your financial goals.

Our Business Approach

  • Create innovative growth strategies and corporate finance transactions that enable our clients to acheive critical milestones that significantly enhance long-term shareholder value.
  • Develop long-term client relationships where we can make a significant contribution to their success by bringing professionalism and objectivity to each assignment and transaction.
  • Provide our clients with assistance on key corporate issues such as planning and executing a public transaction, securing expansion capital for rapidly growing companies, developing the optimal growth and financing strategies, develop effective M&A strategies and transactions, and execute strategic alliances.

Our Values

  • Relationship Driven -- We believe in long-term client relationships, not one-time transactions.  We become intimately knowledgeable and involved in our clients' success.  We are straight forward, deliver the truth, and strive for the highest levels of integrity.  We expect the same from our clients.
  • Selective -- We work with clients where our services result in the greatest impact and where our contacts, relationships, and passion can significantly help our client acheive their goals.  We invest heavily to provide tangible and measureable value.
  • Passion -- We are passionate about our work and our clients' success.  We are excited about what we do and about what our clients do.  We drive success.